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King Of Clubs – Feature Documentary (Coming 2019)

In the last 25 years, drum and bass has been transformed from a niche underground genre to a global-dominating music scene. King Of Clubs explores the legitimisation of D&B, through the illegal raves, drug culture and gang violence that it brought with it, and the rise of one of the largest D&B promoters: One Nation.

  • Produced by Terry Stone & Richard Turner
  • Edited by William Long

koc still for website

Fanged Up – Feature Film (2018)

A young rogue is thrown into prison for the weekend, unaware that the guards are blood-sucking vampires and the inmates are their victims.

Fanged Up is a fright-filled horror comedy starring Dan O’Reilly, Stu Bennet, Danielle Harold, Steven Berkoff and Lauren Socha.

  • Directed by Christian James
  • Written by Dan Palmer with Nick Nevern & Dan O’Reilly
  • Produced by Richard Turner and Terry Stone
  • Edited by William Long


Europcar – Siblings Reunited – Commercial (2018)

One sister surprises her younger sister with a spontaneous adventure with Europcar.

  • Directed by Christian James
  • Edited by William Long

Grants Whisky – From Grain To Glass – Commercial (2018)

Who cares about the destination? We believe it’s the journey that shapes the character. The Maker, the Muscle and the Master all play their part, but it’s 198 pairs of hands that carry Grant’s Whisky from grain to glass.

  • Edited by William Long


Born To… (Rune Glifberg) (2018)

Sample from Episode 12 / Season 1 of the ‘Born To…’ TV series featuring professional skateboarder: Rune Glifberg.

  • Directed by Christian James
  • Edited by William Long

Pushkar (2018)

For five days of the year, Pushkar is home to one of India’s most spectacular festivals: The Pushkar Camel Fair. Held each November around the time of the Kartik Purnima full moon, hundreds of thousands of people flock, from all over Rajasthan, with their camels, horses and cattle to trade, worship and celebrate. It is a vibrant and eclectic place overflowing with excitement and anticipation.

  • Film by William Long
  • Music by Jamie Long


F1 Ferrari – Shell V Power (2017)

A promotional film for Shell V Power with Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel.

  • Directed by Christian James
  • Edited by William Long

We Choose The Moon (2017)

This film, made up entirely of NASA archive footage and featuring a small but powerful part of John F. Kennedy’s iconic speech, reminds us that that Mankind’s voyage to the stars is not only important but is vital to humanity.

  • Film by William Long
  • Music by Jamie Long

L.A. Salami – Going Mad As The Street Bins (2016)

The official music video for L.A. Salami’s Going Mad As The Street Bins, which is an “impassioned, soulful rumination on life in the modern city. With his idiosyncratic lyrical writing, L.A. weaves tales and crafts exquisite snapshots of the souls that inhabit the busy streets.  L.A. says, “You’re just bombarded with stuff, there’s rubbish in your head, and it can just drive you crazy, especially in London.”.

  • Directed by L.A. Salami
  • Edited by William Long

L.A. Salami – I Wear This Because Life Is War! (2016)

The official music video for L.A. Salami’s I Wear This Because Life Is War!, is a frantic throw-back, shot directly to VHS.

  • Directed by L.A. Salami
  • Edited by William Long


Meet The Makers – 21 E 12 (2016)

A developer and an architect discuss their new project in Greenwich Village whilst walking their dogs through New York City.

  • Edited by William Long

Patagonia – Torres del Paine (2016)

Patagonia, one of the southern-most regions in the world, is a place of timeless beauty. Mountains tower over vivid lakes of pure glacier-water, the rush of rivers and streams meander down from the melting snow caps and, in the distance, there is the occasional thunder of an avalanche.

Patagonia is a a place of exploration, grandeur and inspiration. This short film, shot in Torres del Paine national park, tries to capture the essence of Patagonia and its expressive beauty.

Sunday – SHYRE (2016)

This is a music video I directed, shot and edited for Montreal-based band SHYRE.

It’s a fun, playful film featuring quite a colourful menagerie.

Life In North Korea (2015)

Whilst most people who travel to North Korea visit Pyongyang, the capital, we were fortunate enough to visit Rason, a small city in the north of North Korea. Life there is very different to Pyongyang. There are farmers, fishermen and factory-workers.

Two guides, who were incredibly proud of their country, showed us around the city and helped us to paint an accurate portrait of what life is like in more rural parts of North Korea. The people were beautiful, the scenery was stunning, the colours were vivid and the people we met were genuine characters, loving and full of life – this is the North Korea that I wanted to show.

The film was shot in 2015, on an iPhone, using Filmic Pro.

  • Film by William Long
  • Music Composed by Jamie Long –

Night Feed   |   A Moment Of Horror (2015)

It’s the middle of the night. Someone’s hungry. It’s time to feed.

Night Feed is a short horror film, starring Alice Lowe (Sightseers, Hot Fuzz) created for Film Four and Channel Four and shown as part of the A Moment Of Horror series at FrightFest (2015).

Screen Daily say it was a ‘festival favourite’ and a ‘highlight’ of FrightFest.

Is It Coeliac Disease? – Commercial (2015)

Check out Coeliac UK’s first ever television advert which hopes to find the half a million people in the UK who are living with coeliac disease without knowing it.


Bedlam (2014)

An insurmountable wall of ice separates a man and woman. They must find a way to reach each other before it’s too late… Bedlam is a moody atmospheric journey of love and loss set in a chilling icy world.

Check out this new animated short film, animated & directed by Tom Sanders and written & directed by William Long. It’s a chilling tale to accompany singer/songwriter Kevin Pearce’s new song Bedlam (feat. Olly Knights of Turin Brakes and Tom Mcrae). Check out Kevin’s website or tweet him for gigs and album updates:

  • Co-Directed, Animated and Designed by Tom Sanders –
  • Co-Directed and Written by William Long

The Robin (2014)

The Robin wants nothing more than to devour a seed ball for breakfast but two stubborn pigeons stand in his way.

Handmade in Hertford, England. Fly on over to to uncover more and follow us @therobinfilm

Beth Fenton: Photorealism (2014)

Beth Fenton is a photorealist from Hertford. With a fondness for colouring pencils and painting on coffee cups, her version of Bon Iver’s self-titled album cover, painted in watercolour on a Starbucks cup, has exploded over the internet.

Follow Beth Fenton as she shares her creative process and technique whilst creating a portrait.

For more on Beth Fenton visit her art page on Facebook:

Sterling Bank Nigeria – Commercial (2015)

This commercial features Theo Walcott, Arteta and Cazorla, and Nigerian singer Timi Dakolo

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